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One of my earliest memories of anyone training, in fact just one of my earliest memories was my dad doing circuits in the living room, nothing too mad just some good old body weight stuff and going out running, he wasn’t the only one my Pappy was a great runner too. He ran with the Cambuslang harriers for years, his physique was something to behold.  To anyone who knows me it’s no surprise the two most influential men in my life where passionate about fitness, I started training early at first long walks with my Pappy then I found martial arts. At first it was karate and then I started on the path that I am still on today, Kickboxing. My journey through the fitness world has took many twists and turns from martial arts, to joining the armed forces and training fighters of all levels and now doing Personal Training and running kids martial arts classes but my story is for another day. Where  am I going with all this ? Living a healthy fitness based life style was something I was shown from childhood by the positive example of my family. The benefits of training go far beyond the physical, I truly believe a healthy body is a healthy mind but what can YOU Do  ?? You have already done a great thing by starting your kids in martial arts, next is to become an example and show them that training and fitness is a way of life not a chore or a hassle, but something that can be fun. Share the journey with them, show them it is OK to be uncomfortable and challenge themselves grow with them. I am not saying go out and become Bruce Lees harder mate but find your thing. From running to Olympic lifting, judo or the best of the bunch Punisher kickboxing and by finding your thing you will have shown them how to find theirs and hopefully started them on the path to becoming someone that is fit for life in more ways than one 

For more information about the classes we run and the one to one training we give and our other services. Check out the Punisher Kickboxing Facebook page or contact via mobile or via the web contact form . We look forward to hearing from you.

Stuart Lowe

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