Punisher kickboxing Academy - 4 Hunter Road - Rutherglen - Glasgow- G73 1LB .

Here are our fantastic team, we are all experienced, qualified and ready to help you achieve your goals. For more information about our classes or to book a PT either contact us via the form at the bottom of the page, or via our facebook here or just come down to the gym. New clients are always welcome.

Stuart Lowe

Chief Black Belt Instructor

Stuart Lowe is a life long martial artist, with a passion for fitness and teaching martial arts and Kickboxing. He loves passing on his knowledge of martial arts and fitness to his students and personal training clients. These skills he earned through a life long dedication to martial arts and physical training. He learned much of his ethos in physical training during his time in the Royal Marines and carries this in to his Kickboxing Academy. He is the current WKA Scotland Head Coach for K1 and Lowkick Kickboxing within this role he has coached the Scottish team to the Unified World Championships held in Italy (2017) and again in 2018.

Amanda Lowe

Black Belt Instructor

Amanda is the head of our juniors programme and is now seeing her own Black belts emerge through that system, some of these juniors are now becoming champions in their own right and will be representing their country in the Unified World Championships in Italy in 2018. Where Amanda will be assisting Head Coach Stuart Lowe in all aspects of coaching.  Amanda was late to martial arts only starting Kickboxing after the birth of her third child. Initially it was for wait loss and confidence and soon discovered that she was a natural for the sport and that natural ability developed into a passion for sharing it with others. Amanda has achieved her black belt in Kickboxing and is moving towards her second dan, Amanda also participates in our Grappling and MMA programmes.  She is a passionate martial artist that is always improving her skills and her enthusiasm resonates with her clients.

Wayne Jenkins

Black Belt Instructor

Wayne was also a late start in Martial Arts, he took up martial arts to continue his fitness upon leaving the Army. But again the work ethic he learned in the Army combined with a natural ability for martial arts saw him progress fast. Wayne's outgoing and positive personality is infectious inspiring his personal training clients to get the best out of each and every training session. Wayne garners a great level of trust between himself and his clients where his clients know that their best interests are at heart. He is also the Head of Instructors of one of our satellite schools that he runs three times a week. This is fast growing into a hot bead of capable young martial artists under Wayne's expert guidance.

Click here for Wayne's Kids classes and PT https://www.facebook.com/WayneJenkinsPKA/


Jamie McGowan

Black Belt Instructor

Jamie started training with us as a shy eleven year old boy, the competition scene was not something he considered at first it wasn't until completing his black belt grading that he decided to the competition circuit. Since doing so his accolades are numerous. To name a few, Scottish Full Contact WKA 55KG champion, Brittish Low Kick WKA 55KG champion, Unified Worlds 55KG K1 Light champion. As an instructor, his passion for teaching martial arts and Kickboxing and sharing his love and knowledge for fitness training is as evident as his skill in the ring. Jamie now runs his own kids class. His gentle and calm nature translates well with the children as seen through there considerable skill and their affection for Jamie. He also does one to one session with the children to help them maximise their potential.

Jamie will be competing in the WKO and the Unified World Championships later this year (2018)

Click here for Jamie's Kids classes and PT https://www.facebook.com/JamiePKAkidsclass/


Rafał Jaroszewicz


Rafs positivity towards life in general and passion for martial arts and fitness are infectious. He is a keen grappler working towards his belts in BJJ, his desire to gain knowledge is only surpassed by his passion to share it. He is recently stepped up to the competition circuit, winning his categories in the WKA and WKU competitions.  He assists in our kid's kickboxing and grappling programmes as well as our adult classes and is starting to take a lead and in the very near future will be running his own kids classes. To say Raf goes above and beyond to help his clients get the results they need is an understatement, it is obvious he gets a genuine buzz out of seeing his clients smash their goals.  All his session as fresh and interesting and always structured well.

Raf will be competing again later this year (2018) at the WKA open.

Click here for Rafs PT https://www.facebook.com/rafalpka/